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Imagine my total surprise one day,
When someone came to take me away.
From my litter mates, of whom there were many,
To somewhere strange, where I didn’t know any.
With lots of cuddles as motivation,
I soon got used to my new location,
With my deep brown eyes, I must mention,
I certainly got a lot of attention.

I met a friend called Bobby McGee,
A British Bulldog breed was she.
With our families at work, when we were both pups,
We’d play at nanny’s all day, growing up.

My Mum would take me for rides in the ute,
The front seat was my spot, I thought it was beaut!
We moved one day, I was a few months older,
To a place in the country, a place called Bulga.
I have lots of space to run and play,
And a swim in the creek would make my day.

I knew very shortly the time would come,
When the Dals in the household would be more than one.
The day finally came; he looked like my clone,
He was young and silly, they called him Jones.
We get on really well. This I must admit.
Even though he was a naughty little shit!
I would rouse on him until he was sore,
But he’d come back again, looking for more.
He’s a bit older now and we make a good team,
We have adventures together, and never stay clean.

Our Mum and Dad love us, they treat us well,
They show us affection, even when we smell.
Some mornings I lay between them in bed.
“Have you come for a cuddle?”They’ve often said.
I’ve learnt if you want a particular chair,
You squash them and push them, till they’re no longer there.

When Mum packs up the ute and takes us away,
We’re off to a horse show, for more than a day.
The camp’s well guarded and mostly at night,
We bark at strange people, to give them a fright.
But when Mum’s with us, sitting there nagging,
Very friendly are we, with our tails a wagging.

We have cats at home, we chase when they run,
We do get in trouble, but boy is it fun!
And those takeaway meals, they call bunnies,
They’re sometimes too fast, but deliciously yummy.
These are just some special things; I’d like to tell you all,
But I think it’s time to hide, for I know I’m being called.

By Indiana Godyn 97

I have been involved with Dalmatians for over 30 years, mainly to accompany me out riding and to attend horse shows with my Appaloosa's.

In 2006 I was fortunate to have contacted our good friends Dianne & John of Starswept Dalmatians who allowed Molly (Aust Ch. Starswept MissMollyJones) to come into our lives.

So I could have another show dog, Jimmy (Aust Ch. Gentry Justa Rockstar) joined us in mid 2007 from Barbara Helland of Gentry Dalmatians.

I have been a registered breeder since 2007.

When I am not showing, my Dalmatians enjoy cuddles on the lounge, swimming in the dam and running around on our acres in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

Please contact me for any other information or enquiries.



INDI is our “big girl”, she has just turned two,
Being everybody’s sweetheart is what she likes to do.

And then there’s our “Little Man”, who chews up house and home,
He’s been called many different things, but we named him JONES.

The Hunter Valley is their home, seven days a week,
With acres of land to roam around, and a sandy creek.

When I go riding, I know I’ll always find,
My Dally’s faithfully trotting, not too far behind.

Sometimes we race and se who will win,
And at the end of the ride, they enjoy a good swim.

They join me at horse shows and have a good day,
“Ï do love your dogs”, people would say.

Chasing rabbits is their favourite game,
But you won’t find them playing out in the rain.

Jones likes to greet you with a big cheesy grin,
It also appears after being caught in the bin!

With a lick in the ear, Indi will wake you,
But look out because trouble has just joined in too!

We share our chairs watching TV at night,
Because we’ve learnt that Dally’s aren’t light.

In a couple of weeks, its Jones first show,
I’m game if he’s game to give it a go.

I’ll spend all day getting him clean,
If you could see him, you’ll know what I mean.

They love to run, swim, jump and play,
But enjoy their cuddles throughout the day.

We still can’t believe the complete domination,
Bestowed upon us by these two Dalmatians!

By AMG 97