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Two weeks before due date, Tama was bitten by a Red Bellied Black Snake.
We managed to save her life, but unfortunately we have lost all of the puppies.
Just devastating....

EXCITING NEWS!! Puppies expected mid Dec 2019.
Dam: Starswept Perfect Holiday "Tama"
Sire : UK CH Buffrey Beaubell at Daedalus (UK) "Alfie"

Dam: Tama (Starswept Perfect Holiday (AI)



Sire : GRCH Starswept Canada Holiday (AI)S: AM CAN CH Roadpartner Billie Holiday (CAN)S: AM CH Tuckaway Augusta (USA)
D: CAN CH Countryroad Racy Roadpartner (CAN)
D: CH Starswept Hearts Afire ETS: GR CH Swiftgait Rock My World
D: GR CH Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (AI) ET
Dam : CH Starswept Glamour of Sydney (AI)S: UK CH Sophtspot Sugar Daddy at Dvojica (UK)S: UK CH Doctor Fox By Salsusa (UK)
D: Haiths Definitely maybe by Sophtspot (UK)
D: CH Starswept Star of HopeS: AM CAN CH Volanta Vindicator (IMP CAN)
D: GR CH Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (AI) ET

Sire: Alfie (Eng Ch. Buffrey Beau Bell At Daedalus ) Dec.
 North of England Dalmatian Club, Dalmatian of the year 2009

Owned by Janice & Denis Petersen - Daedalus Dalmatians. UK



Sire : Eng Dutch Ch. Cocheperro Oreblo of Olbero.S: Eng Ch Olbero OsarioS: Eng Ch Elaridge Endeavour
D: Eng Ch Olbero Organdiecollar
D: Olbero Orient SpiceS: Olbero Olympic Torch
D: Organdie Of Olbero
Dam : Eng Ch Buffrey YsabelleS: Eng Ch Tommy BrockS: Eng Ch. Salsusa Black Jack
D: Winsome Whatsername
D: Eng Ch Washakie Belle Vie Of BuffreyS: Eng/Am Ch Washakie Dancing Brave
D: Washakie Buffrey Belleaire