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When they smugly sit in your favourite chair,
then they look away when you give them that stare.                                                                        
When they cunningly take over your house and home,
but get most upset when you leave them alone.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When they're totally ignorant when you have your say,
then wont leave you alone when you've been away.
When you call them and call them and they pretend they cant hear,
but appear out of nowhere when your no longer near.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When they start out walking and it ends in a run,
but they're the only ones that think that its fun.
When one minute they're faithfully trotting beside,
but just try to bath them, then watch them hide.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When they want to play while you want to unwind,
but deep down inside you really dont mind.
When your drive to the shops isn't just you,
because they've just decided to come along too.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When you cant help showing a huge cheezy grin,
when they've managed to snare that near impossible win.
When you'd love to go for that overseas trip,
but dont because you know that they'd have a fit.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When they scratch at the door and winge to come in,
its usually after they've been for a swim.
When your trying to impress some people you've met,
then thay jump up all over them, muddy and wet.
"Lifes like that with a Dal!"

When you watch them playing with style and grace,
and the love and affection shows on their face.
When their dedicated to being your pal,
your always glad...."Lifes like that with a Dal!"

by AMG 97